Month: December 2014

Building Planes: Boeing 777 Assembly Line

Here is a whirlwind tour of the Boeing 777 assembly line. It shows time-lapse views from the initial stages of the bringing fuselage sections together then marriage of the fuselage, wings as well as assembly of other major components of

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High-Speed Video Of A Lathe

High speed video of a lathe turning metal shown in slow motion.

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3D Printing Blow Mold Tools

According to this video from Stratasys, manfacturers of blow molded products will often skip prototyping their product due to the cost and time associated with making metal prototype blow mold tools. The video presents an alternative solution to make prototypes

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New Projects Come As Old Projects Go

As we approach the end of the year I have reassessed the projects I was working on this year. Manufacturing Ops was a project that was intended to be an experiment on a few fronts. I was using it to

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