A Basic Overview Of Injection Molding

This short video provides a basic overview of injection molding.

The first section covers the basic injection molding machine cycle including;

  • plastic pellet material feed;
  • melting of the pellets in barrel using a screw;
  • injection of the material into the mold to form parts;
  • mold opening and ejection cycle.

The video then follows with a couple of common defects in the injection molding process including flash and short shots. Flash is excess material the pushes out of the mold cavity in areas such as the parting line as can come from excessive molding pressure or insufficient machine clamp tonnage. A short shot is when the mold is not sufficiently filled and is typically resolved by increasing volume of material injected or cleaning the mold vents.

The last part of the video discusses molding tools and their maintenance. This includes typical cleaning and inspection protocols.

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