Making Aluminium Wheels For Cars

Since it is the weekend let’s look at a video that steps us through the various processes from start to finish of two manufacturing methods for the same product. In this video we are taken through the manufacturing processes at Rays Wheels for their forged aluminium wheels and cast aluminium wheels.

First we are shown the steps undertaken in their plant to make their forged automotive wheels which includes;

  • hot forging;
  • RM forging, a process that Rays developed exclusively;
  • cold spinning;
  • heat treating and age treating for strengthening and hardening;
  • machining;
  • metrology;
  • material quality checks;
  • shot blasting; and
  • surface finishing.

The steps presented to make cast wheels are;

  • fusion of the aluminium ingots;
  • treatment of the molten aluminium;
  • die casting; and
  • machine work using a unique flow forming process.

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