The Investment Casting Process

Here is a simple video slide show to takes us through the investment casting process. The steps of investment casting outlined in this video are:

  • Wax pattern mold making
  • Wax pattern injection molding
  • Assembly of wax patterns to form a tree
  • The application of ceramic slurry and sand layers to build up the casting mold shell
  • Dewaxing of the casting mold shells by heating them in a steam autoclave
  • A high temperature burnout of the remaining wax along with curing of the casting mold shell
  • Firing the casting mold shells to heat them prior to casting to eliminate thermal shock from the molten metal
  • Pouring of the molten metal into the casting mold shells
  • Initial shell removal from the casting through tapping the running system with a hammer or vibrating the casting
  • Final shell removal through high pressure water jets
  • Cut off of the gates and risers followed by gate grinding and further hand finishing
  • Heat treatment to improve the properties of the alloy
  • Sand or bead blast finishing
  • Fluorescent penetrate and X-ray inspection of the casting
  • Tensile testing of the material using test bars cast with the parts
  • Spectrometer testing of the chemistry of the cast material
  • Dimensional inspection
  • Secondary machining of the casting if required by the customer

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