Month: March 2015

3D Multi Interconnect Device Manufacture Using Laser Direct Structuring

LPKF Laser & Electronics has created an interesting video series on the manufacture of a 3D Multi Interconnect Devices, or ‘3D MIDs’, using Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) to create the circuit. A 3D MID is a type electronic device that

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Operations Of An End Mill In Carbon Steel

A series of end mill operations are demonstrated in this video from Seco Tools. Their Turbo 10 End Mill tool is shown working SS2244 Medium Carbon Steel (same as or similar to AISI 4140 Steel) with operations such as plunge

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Aluminium Extrusion Die And Process Explained

This video provides a breakdown of the components in an aluminium extrusion die. Machine and die components shown for the extrusion process are; the container the inner tool the outer tool the tool carrier the press disc; and the main ram. The

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Airbus Sees Cost And Mass Reduction Opportunities From 3D Printing

Airbus uses 3D printing of metals and plastics for production and service parts. Future aircraft will benefit from cost and mass reductions enabled by 3D printing.

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High-Speed Laser Welding On Sheet Metal Components

Rofin-Baasel present high-speed laser welding of an automotive sheet metal component in this video.

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3D CNC Tube Bending

I was absolutely mesmerised by this process when I first saw it. The machine shown in this video is a Nissin 3D CNC Tube Bender. You can see the machine bend tube in any direction to form complex 3D forms.

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Making An Injection Molding Tool By 3D Printing

When Dr. Jozsef Gabor Kovács at Budapest University was commissioned to develop a fan the improved engine cooling and reduce noise he needed to make production representative prototypes for testing. A Stratasys Objet500 Connex 3D printer was used to create

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Robots And Fried Shrimp

Robots And Fried Shrimp – What do they have in common? This robot from Nachi.

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CNC Press Brake Operations To Form A Sheet Metal Box

See a CNC press brake in operation forming a sheet metal box.

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CNC Turning Alloy Steel For An Aerospace Component

Glacern Machine Tools presents this video showing a series of CNC lathe and milling operations on a single machine. The process is used to manufacture an aerospace component made from alloy steel. The machine is a Mori Seiki NL2500SY-700 CNC

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