Friction Stir Welding With A Robot Over A Complex Shape

A few weeks ago we looked at a video showing the fundamentals of friction stir welding. That video demonstrated a friction stir weld over a 2-dimensional path, essentially only moving in the X and Y direction of a cartesian co-ordinate system (or on the Z-plane).

In today’s post we share a video from Kuka Systems where they have added a friction stir welding tool to a robot. This allows not only Z axis translations of the tool but also the required rotations to friction stir weld more complex forms. Now technically the path shown in this video is still 2-dimensional as the path is on what I see as the Y-Z plane but you can see the potential application to welding on 3-dimensional paths.

The challenge is now set, Kuka Systems. Lets step up the complexity of the weld path. In fact I have a few ideas of parts and paths I would like to see friction stir welded with this robot.

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