I’m Still Here But I’ve Been Busy

It’s been a while since I posted here as life has been a bit hectic for a few months. Given we have a new long weekend thanks to the Victorian government I have a few minutes to post what I have been up to.

New Job/s

The easiest way to see what I have been up to is to check out my LinkedIn profile page. (This works on the assumption the plug-in I am using is working today.)

Sold LoadedTrolley.com.au

Since I started some new projects Loaded Trolley was getting neglected so I sold it to the highest bidder and then…..

Bought a 3D Printer

It’s a Flashforge Creator Pro and it’s printing as I type this. I am going to drop a time-lapse of the print in the next day or two…oooohhhh, exciting!

Travelled To The USA

I spent a month there with the family and we didn’t blog about it once as we had planned. We did see 3 Detroit Red Wings games, go to 4 theme parks, did something in Las Vegas, drove from San Francisco to LA and a crazy amount of other activities which explains why we never got around to blogging about it.

Did Some Light Painting

But not nearly enough so I guess better utilise the start of this long weekend before daylight savings starts on Sunday. I have also started making some light painting tool holders using the aforementioned 3D printer.

Light Painting Physiogram (EXPLORED)

Walking In The Rainbow Cloud - Light Painting

Strip Holder Tool 2-up

Bought a Skateboard

I haven’t had one for a while. Seemed like a good idea at the time but it’s a bit underutilised.

So What Is Next

I am planning on using this website a bit more to show what I am up to. My intent is to also roll in the work I did on Living Room Raceway along with some of the good posts from a couple of other blogs I have created. The only web project I plan to have running separately is Light Paint Hack so come back here often and I will show you what I am up to.

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