The Light Painting Session Files – Episode #1

This is my first light painting session in a while. I moved to greater Detroit a few months ago and I am finally set-up to do more light painting so I plan on adding video of as many of the the sessions as possible so subscribe to the website for updates.

I was not really happy with the results and I have only featured some of the better or more interesting parts of the session in this video. Good things still came from this session as the RGB tube I was using really looked and felt a bit like using a paint roller. This has given me some ideas for the next session but I am going to keep that a secret. You’ll have to come back to see Episode #2 to find out how I use it.

Here are the light painting images featured in the video:

Also don’t forget to check out my photography on Flickr I’m not just about light painting photography!

You can also subscribe to the videos on the Light Paint Hack YouTube Channel.

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