The Light Painting Session Files – Episode #2

In the 2nd Episode of the Light Painting Session Files I’m back in the basement with a couple of light painting tools and my Micro 4/3rds camera, the Olympus OM-D E-M10.

Now is a good time to note the error of my ways – using the Olympus E-M10 for long exposure. I bought this camera for travel as is was more reasonable to carry than the DSLR cameras I had at the time (Canon 1D-IV and Canon 450D). It is a great little camera for portability.

When I bought it I also liked that it had an Android app that included a remote shutter release with lock. That meant I was able to use it for light painting, shooting fireworks and other long exposure shots. The problem with this camera is the longer your exposure, the longer the processing time for the camera to bring the image together. And its not like 1 second of exposure time results in a small amount of processing time…no, it seems to be an exponential growth. I have cut out a lot of processing time from the video and if I had used my DSLR I would have saved about 10 minutes just in the time the camera took to process. The short of this – if you’re looking for a camera to use for long exposure, make sure you test the processing time.

Now that the processing time issue is out of my system lets talk about what I did in this light painting session. I note in the video that I was planning on shooting at f/18 but I did dial that back to f/16 for all the shots. The sensitivity was set to ISO-200. As noted above I used the Android app the Olympus provides for the remote shutter release with the lock active. You can see me testing that at around 4:02 in the video.

The light painting tools I used were:

T10 LED bulbs and a socket with long wires for the orb tool. I used the green corn cob bulb shown below.

T10 LED Light Painting Tools

Blue LED chaser strip (‘Knight Rider’ LED strip). I only used one of the chaser pattern of the 8 that it has. It will be a topic for a future video to go through the different patterns you can create with the different chaser sequences.

Knight Rider LED Strips - Light Painting Tools

Both of my 12 volt battery packs. The one with the momentary switch on the left was used for the orb tool and the one on the right was used for the LED chaser strip.

Battery packs for light painting

Here are the images I took in this light painting session.

Light Painting Session Episode 2

ISO-200 – f/16 – 96 seconds

Light Painting Session Episode 2

ISO-200 – f/16 – 119 seconds

Light Painting Session Episode 2

ISO-200 – f/16 – 91 seconds

Light Painting Session Episode 2

ISO-200 – f/16 – 77 seconds

Light Painting Session Episode 2

ISO-200 – f/16 – 71 seconds

Light Painting Session Episode 2

ISO-200 – f/16 – 70 seconds

Don’t forget to checkout the YouTube channel for more light painting session videos along with discussion of light painting tools and techniques.

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