Month: February 2017

Friction Drilling

An interesting process that creates a very useful hole in metals is friction drilling or flow drilling. Rather than using a fluted drill bit to cut a hole, friction drilling uses a conical bit coated made of a high heat-resistant

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The Complete Metal Injection Molding Process

Metal injection molding is part of the powder metallurgy set of manufacturing processes. GKN Group take us on a journey through their complete metal injection molding process in this video. The fundamental steps involved in GKN’s metal injection molding process

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Investment Casting To Make Titianium Hammers

Using investment casting to make hammers from Titanium.

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High Speed Video Of Drill Tool

I love to see what is really happening at the interface of a cutting tool and there is no better way to see it that slowing down a high-speed video. Ingersoll Cutting Tools have once again made a high-speed video

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