The Complete Metal Injection Molding Process

Metal injection molding is part of the powder metallurgy set of manufacturing processes. GKN Group take us on a journey through their complete metal injection molding process in this video.

The fundamental steps involved in GKN’s metal injection molding process as shown include;

  1. Combination of the base powder with alloying elements;
  2. Kneading the metal powder alloy with polymers and wax to make the injection molding feed stock;
  3. Injection molding the feedstock to make a ‘green part’;
  4. Thermal debinding where most of the polymers and wax are removed to make a ‘brown part’; and
  5. High temperature sintering to bind the metal particles together.

The video also shows examples of one and two cavity tools and the operation of a tool with a hydraulic slide to relieve an undercut in the part.

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