Friction Drilling

An interesting process that creates a very useful hole in metals is friction drilling or flow drilling. Rather than using a fluted drill bit to cut a hole, friction drilling uses a conical bit coated made of a high heat-resistant material from the ceramic family to form the hole.

In this process the bit is pressed into the target body as it rotates and the friction created heats the material to soften it. The tool then pushes into the material forming a hole without any material being removed. This gives the hole significantly more depth and wall thickness than a hole that is made with a cutting type drill. The formed hole can then have a screw thread cut with a tap and the section and depth of the hole will provide good mechanical characteristics for subsequent fastening without the ned for an additional component such as a bushing.

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The Complete Metal Injection Molding Process

Metal injection molding is part of the powder metallurgy set of manufacturing processes. GKN Group take us on a journey through their complete metal injection molding process in this video.

The fundamental steps involved in GKN’s metal injection molding process as shown include;

  1. Combination of the base powder with alloying elements;
  2. Kneading the metal powder alloy with polymers and wax to make the injection molding feed stock;
  3. Injection molding the feedstock to make a ‘green part’;
  4. Thermal debinding where most of the polymers and wax are removed to make a ‘brown part’; and
  5. High temperature sintering to bind the metal particles together.

The video also shows examples of one and two cavity tools and the operation of a tool with a hydraulic slide to relieve an undercut in the part.

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Investment Casting To Make Titianium Hammers

Using investment casting to make hammers from Titanium.

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High Speed Video Of Drill Tool

I love to see what is really happening at the interface of a cutting tool and there is no better way to see it that slowing down a high-speed video. Ingersoll Cutting Tools have once again made a high-speed video of one of their tools in action. This one is their Quad Drill+ cutting a half hole in 1018 mild steel. Look at those chips fly!

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Tube And Sheet Hydroforming Explained

Here is a short video from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers that takes us through the hydroforming process for both tubular and sheet products.

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Turning An Egg Shape In 6061 Aluminium

A quick video of some CNC lathe operations to make an egg shape in 6061 aluminium.

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Demonstration Of Lathe And Mill Machining Operations

Watching a multi function machining centre do its work can be mesmerising. Here is 8 minutes and 40 seconds of chips and swarf flying courtesy of Machined Component Systems. A series of lathe and milling operations are show on what I am guessing is mild steel. It was nice of them to turn off the machining fluid for us to see the operations taking place in detail, but judging by the glowing swarf and sparks in some sections I think they may have shortened their tool life a little.

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3D Printing Assembly Jigs And Fixtures

Stratasys shares how Rutland Plastics utilises Polyjet 3D printers to make jigs and fixtures for their operation in this video. According to Rutland Plastics’ engineer Simon Grainger, by manufacturing their jigs and fixtures using a Stratsys Objet350 Connex 3D printer they save time and money when compared with the alternative of machining them from wood, metal or plastic. It also ensures their toolroom resources are focused on the high value tasks of around their core business of making injection molding tools.

The jigs and fixtures can be printed with soft touch materials to ensure parts with high surface quality requirements are not scratched or marred. Markings can also be robustly embedded as part of the 3D printing process rather than using alternative methods such as engraving or labelling.

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Introduction To Tool And Die Making: Part 2

Carl Sommer takes us through a progressive die operation and discusses some single station press operations in part 2 of his Introduction To Tool And Die Making.

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Introduction To Tool And Die Making: Part 1

Carl Sommer shares some of his knowledge on tool and die making. He talks mainly around progressive die operations in this video.

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