Hydrographics – Water Transfer Printing

Hydrographics or water transfer printing allows for the application of printed designs onto 3D surfaces. This video shows a series components including wheels, plastic moldings and even a whole front quarter panel being decorated with hydrographics. The graphics can be any design you can imagine as they are printed, so anything from technical patterns to wood grains can be applied …

Very Large Forgings In Germany

Here is a video of an operation in Germany that does some very large forgings. Sorry I cannot provide a translation as my high school level German just is not quite up to it.

ABB Robotics Fanta Can Challenge

Here is a bit of fun for the weekend. ABB Robotics show the accuracy and speed of the motion control in their robots in what the call ‘The Fanta Can Challenge – Level II’. I cannot describe what is happening here in words so you will have watch the video.

Cold Rolling Ultra-High Strength Alloy Steel Into a Gear

Carpenter Technology demonstrate the cold rolling of their PremoMet alloy, a ultra-high strength alloy steel, into a gear. More information is provided from their video description below: Gear manufacturers are beginning to see the benefits from cold formed automotive gears compared to traditional hobbed and forged gears. This video shows Carpenter’s ultra-high strength alloy steel in bar form, PremoMet alloy, …

High Speed Video Of A Cutting Tool

It’s always good to see how something works by viewing it in slow motion. You get an understanding of the physics involved in the manufacturing process. This video shows just how an Ingersoll Cutting Tool machines away material on a CNC mill. You can see the chip formation in great detail as the material is removed from the stock.

Injection Molding Tunnel Gate

A little while ago I started a website called ‘Manufacturing Ops’ that was dedicated to interesting manufacturing process videos I found on YouTube. I have since wound up that project and plan on using this blog to do something similar but not as a ‘video-a-day’ concept as Manufacturing Ops was. This is where it all starts for me. I fell …

3D Printing Blow Mold Tools

According to this video from Stratasys, manfacturers of blow molded products will often skip prototyping their product due to the cost and time associated with making metal prototype blow mold tools. The video presents an alternative solution to make prototypes by creating a 3D polyjet printed tool for blow molding. Not only can this type of tooling be used for …