Outside of my professional life I have other interests that seem to keep much of my time occupied and money spent.

Photography (Extending Into A Little Videography)

I often forget that when I say I am going to shoot ‘insert noun here’ that people don’t take it the same way I do. When I say I am shooting something it is in pursuit of the still image and occasionally the moving image…nothing to do with guns here. My personal favorite it to freeze something that is dynamic which is why photographing action sport has been a one of my main focus areas and something I have spent time doing semi-professionally.

I also like to go a bit more abstract in my photography these days and I really enjoy light painting.

You can see more of what I shoot for fun on my Flickr Photostream.

If for some crazy reason you would like to hire me for my photographic skills please refer to the contact page.

Inline Skating, Inline Hockey and Ice Hockey

I have had wheels under my feet for all but the first two years of my life. At times inline skating, and quad skating before it, has been a bit of a love/hate thing but I always come back to it in some form. I have participated in almost every major sub genre of roller skating and competed in many. That includes inline and quad hockey, speed skating, aggressive (stunt) inline, causing havoc free-skating in the Melbourne CBD and, as much as I hate to admit it, artistic (figure) skating.

My interest in inline hockey created an interest in ice hockey mainly in the sense that I like to watch it but I have also been known to attempt to get on the ice for some ice hockey. Oh…my team in the NHL is the Detroit Redwings.

Cycling – Mainly The Off Road Varieties

I try to ride bikes when I have the time. I prefer to stay off-road and on dirt if I can so mountain biking and BMX racing are my main cycling interests. I spent some time (as a big kid) racing BMX and as the president of the Park Orchards BMX Club. I have also been known to commute part of the way to work but I don’t do that enough because car drivers are scary (I know, I am one).

Engineering Things, Making Things, Inventing Things (and Fixing Things If Required)

Yes, I have a day job as an engineer. That kind of hard-wired technical thinking is always going to spill into my personal space. I like to engineer and build things in my spare time and fix things that are broken if needed. Bikes, skates, custom photography peripherals, RC car tracks and even the occasional useless machine. I have more projects up my sleeve too.