Light Paint Hack

I have operated semi-professionally as a photographer in the past, mainly shooting sport and events. Whilst my professional photography aspirations have taken a back seat I still love to be behind the lens. I have found light painting to be an interesting form of photography that embraces both my technical and artistic sides. This new site will follow my journey through light painting art including my use of light painting techniques as well as design and build type projects of light painting tools.

LivingRoom Raceway

This project is a combination of a design and build project and a website. Radio controlled cars are fun but given my time constraints I am not interested in going too far afield to find a suitable space to drive them. I thought that there is no better place to drive the cars than in my own living room, the only problem being driving around on flat carpet is boring as I am into the bumps and jumps off-road racing brings (Ironman Ivan Stuart style).

As a result I wanted a track I could have in my house that could be set up quickly and easily and packed away so we didn’t have to step around it. I also wanted the track to have different layout and terrain options to keep things interesting. From this I came up with some concepts for a modular, micro RC race track. You can see how this concept has come together so far and follow the (slow) build at

Loaded Trolley

Some people may think I am crazy to start a fan site about Costco in Australia. That’s OK because it is a little odd. Whilst creating a website on such a subject did amuse some of my friends and colleagues there was an ulterior motive. I really wanted to extend my knowledge of WordPress, web marketing and website monetisation and the subject was of interest to me at the time I was looking for a project. It turns out that there are many other people in Australia who are interested in Costco as the site sees over 20,000 page views per month and continues to grow. Decide if I am in fact crazy for doing this by visiting

Manufacturing Ops

This website was dedicated to the pursuit of learning about manufacturing processes and technology. I started the site to help me, and those with similar interests to me, learn about new manufacturing processes that we may not have been exposed to previously. It was also intended to help me bridge to a new career outside of the automotive industry. I have since decomissioned this project and the posts are being added to the blog section of where I also intend to add new posts relating to manufacturing processes in the future.

Park Orchards BMX Club Website

After my tenure as President of the Park Orchards BMX Club I further assisted the club to develop a new, more user-friendly website. This website was a simple WordPress site with a professional theme to provide a well designed, easy to read communication outlet for those in the sport and the wider community. Using WordPress also improved the content management in the website’s backend compared to the previous version of the site.

ATM Fee Tracker

An older, now defunct web project. This was my first attempt at a serious website and lasted around a year. I learnt a lot from this project, particularly you cannot create traffic from something no one really cares about.