Light Painting Ribbons With Light Sticks

I found some colored LED light sticks I forgot I had which was just the type of tool missing from my light painting tool kit. I bought a pack of 4 from Costco some time ago for about AU$15. These types of light painting tools are great for ribbon type effects.


I took them on a test drive last night to see what kind of results I could get from them. Not a bad effect from such a cheap, simple device. Since my orb light painting needs some work I threw some of them in too using my green T10 corm cob bulb and orb tool. I really need to buy some different colored T10 LED corn cob bulbs as they are the best light source for orbs in my opinion.

Here are three shots from last night trying to use the light sticks for different ribbon effects. I probably need to use the ribbon tool more off axis from the direction of the camera to get a good ribbon effect as well as moving forwards and backwards in the frame rather than just across. That is something to explore further with these tools.

Orbs And Ribbons Under The Bridge

Orbs And Ribbons Under The Bridge

Orbs And Ribbons Under The Bridge

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