Manufacturing Rolling Element Bearings

This video from Nachi Bearing takes us through the complete series of processes used in manufacturing rolling element bearings. It shows the manufacture of bearing element for a deep groove ball bearing including the inner and outer rings, the rolling elements and the retainer as well as the assembly of the bearing.

Processes in making the bearings include:
Inner and Outer Rings
  • Hot rolling to make raw bar stock
  • Ring manufacture
    • Hot forging inner and outer ring blanks
    • Turing the rings including facing, sizing, chamfering and cutting the raceway
    • Stamping designation markings
  • Heat treatment of the rings
    • Quenching
    • Tempering
  • Grinding
Rolling Elements
  • Pressing steel wire
  • Tumbling to de-burr and round
  • Heat treatment
  • Polishing
  • Sorting
  • Progressive die sheet metal pressing
Assembly of the Deep Groove Ball Bearing
  • Measurement of raceways
  • Ball filling
  • Retainer assembly
  • Cleaning
  • Lubrication and sealing

It is a fascinating process to watch especially when we see how automated the plants are in many areas.

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