My Recent Photography Portfolio

I post most of my photography on Flickr these days since I have moved on from being a ‘semi-pro’ photographer and more into the realm of hobbiest and photo blogger. Since it is the 1st of Feb I though it was worth recapping some of my shots from January and even some of the December images I captured.

Escape (Light Painting)


This was one of the first images I used to create a tutorial for Light Paint Hack.

Spinning In The Playground (Light Painting)

Spinning In The Play Ground (Explored)

I got a nice surprise the morning after I shot this to find it had been ‘Explored’ on Flickr.

Light Painting Orb Practice

First attempts at Orbs

An assortment of orbs as I work on my orb light painting technique.

Light Painting Under The Bridge

Light Painting Under The Bridge

Some indirect and direct light painting under a local bridge to create some isolation and interest on some grafitti.

Orbs And Ribbons Under The Bridge

Orbs And Ribbons Under The Bridge

Back under the bridge to try out some light sticks I forgot I had. I threw in some more orb practice which was quite challenging on the uneven ground.

Yes, it has been all light painting in recent times but that is because of my new Light Paint Hack project. I will be heading to the USA soon for a holiday and I am sure there will be more than bright lights and long exposures from the trip. Stay tuned.

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