Sheet Metal Stamping Fundamentals: Dies And Processes

Sheet Metal Stamping Fundamentals

This video from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers takes us through the fundamentals of dies and processes used in the sheet metal stamping operations. The video looks at single and multiple station stamping operations.

Single Station Stamping Processes

Compound Dies – used for only shearing operations such as cutting and hole punching.

Combination Dies – combines shearing operations with forming or shaping operations in a single station.

Multiple Station Stamping Processes

Progressive Dies – a series of press operations are made on a strip of material in which the die set progressively makes the cuts and forms of the final part. Coil stock is used and the parts remain connected to the strip until the final operation.

Transfer Dies – parts are blanked at or before the first operation. The individual parts are then moved from along the die stations by mechanical transfer devices. Larger parts such as large panels for vehicles may be made in tandem press lines where the parts are transferred by gripping devices through a series of large press tools.

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