Six Axis Robot For Multi-Stage Grinding And Polishing

Investment in automation is key for any situation where repetitive tasks are performed. Using a multi-axis axis robot as part of the automation can eliminate the need for a manual operation whilst maintaining process flexibility.

This video shows how two KUKA six-axis robots were utilised by Aesculaps to perform several different grinding and polishing operations on medical implants. Using a robot ensured reliability and repeatability in the process. As the video description explains:

Aesculaps benchmark factory in Tuttlingen manufactures high-quality implants. In the past, work in this field was primarily carried out manually. Then Aesculap wanted to optimize the entire process. The motivation to do this was strong pressure to reduce costs and the resultant desire for higher cost-effectiveness. It was therefore important, above all, to shorten production times and reduce expenses. The company decided to use six-axis jointed-arm robots for the grinding and polishing of hip prosthesis shafts. What Aesculap demanded most of all from these robots was high repeatability, in order to guarantee a reproducible process and thus consistently high quality. The company also required a high degree of flexibility.

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